Purchase process

Tell or show us your idea, ask for an individual price offer or place an order in Facebook @adesigndresses or via e-mail: info@a-designdresses[dot]eu

Ordering a custom made dress from us is easy. But we’ve broken it down for you into 6 steps:

1. Write us with your idea. You may add what ever you want to better illustrate your wishes, whether it’s a detailed description, your own drawing or some pictures you found on the internet.

2. We will talk ideas, design, fabrics and everything else over with you and give you an estimated price offer for your dress. So, at that time the style and the budget of the dress will be determined. We will also specify the time by which you need the dress to be ready.

We strongly recommend you to contact us at least 1 month in advance, so we could adjust your order accordingly.

It might be possible that we will ask for your measurements during the design process. If not, then we’ll do it immediately after. We will explain you exactly what kind of measurements (and how to take them) we need for your individual dress, so don’t worry. The time when we ask for the measurements usually depends on the client and how the design process is conducted throughout.

3. With your first purchase we ask an approximate 50% prepayment/deposit for which you will receive an invoice. We start making your dress as soon as the payment has arrived.

4. While making the dress, we keep you updated on the progress or coordinate any changes, that might occur, with you. When the dress is finished we will send you a final picture, so you could make some last adjustments if needed to.

5. We will send you the final invoice for your dress. That includes the delivery service.

6. We send the ready-to-wear dress to you. Usually with DHL delivery, because we find their service reliable and we really don’t want your dress to get lost in the way. The delivery usually takes around 3-7 days, depending on your location.